Whether your site is a blog or an ecommerce site, you need to understand how well your site is working to achieve your goals. If you do not have a web analytics service, it is very challenging to know how to improve your site to achieve your business goals.

When we take over an existing analytics account it has more than likely been configured incorrectly – whether the code has been added incorrectly, the old non-asynchronous code is still being used, there are no filters/they have been added incorrectly, there are coding conflicts distorting data or the code has only been added on a limited number of pages.


Most of the time the software is not being utilised to its full extent – Google analytics is always developing and being updated and keeping up-to-date with these changes can be a job in itself, but it’s certainly worth it. There are dozens of useful tools and features within Google analytics that will help analyse your data and aid you in making well-informed decisions.

Some of the features that we find useful within analytics are: custom filters, goals, automated tasks, custom reports, advanced segments, event tracking, visitor flow, funnel visualisation, reverse goal paths, assisted conversions, real time analytics and in-page analytics plus many more.

Why Do You Need Analytics?

There are many things a web analytics service can do. Web analytics is one of the most effective tools in internet marketing. By leveraging web analytics data, marketers can gain insight to not only how much traffic is coming to their sites, but how that traffic is getting there, and what users are doing onsite.
Google Analytics can provide a snapshot of the past and present, but insight into the future is where its true power lies.

How Can Analytics Service Help You?

A website analytics service can provide answers to business questions such as:

  • Which online marketing campaigns are leading to successful conversions?
  • What is my ROI for PPC vs. search engine traffic?
  • What are the most important keywords?
  • What referrals are sending the traffic?
  • And many many more…

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