Just as SEO is a speciality within Digital Marketing, optimising eCommerce websites for search engines is a speciality within SEO.

Not only should your overall SEO strategy change for eCommerce websites, but technical SEO for online shops is something quite different from the traditional approach.


How Can eCommerce Optimisation Help You?

I worked with eCommerce clients in dozens of industries – from extreme sport gear manufacturers to high-end art boutiques – so I have a broad understanding of the requirements and the constraints of SEO for online stores.

With many eCommerce platforms, the sheer volume of products or categories can be prohibitive to search engine optimisation due to the scale of the task. But our wealth of experience in the SEO field has allowed us to develop a system of effectively scaling-up search optimisation across large sites, without losing the attention to detail which is so crucial to SEO performance.

Why Do You Need eCommerce Optimisation?

Meeting business objectives month after month takes follow-through. That’s why I don’t see strategy as a finite deliverable that ends the moment my creative teams starts creating. On the contrary, I just getting started. I’ll be there for you to provide brand strategy, engagement planning and customer experience design day in and day out to make sure you stay ahead of the digital curve.

My team also has expertise in creating a variety of content types including:

º Blogging º Website Content º Video Content º Social Media Content º Web & Graphic Design º Visual Identity º
º Email Marketing º Infographics º Press Releases º White Papers º Case Studies º