My priority is to assist your companie to acquire new customers and sell additional products or services to existing ones; this means that my role is a crucial one for any online business with the ambition to expand or the necessity to diversify its clientele.


Online Business Development Responsibilities

A business development professional has three primary responsibilities:

  • Identifying new sales leads
  • Pitching online products and/or services
  • Maintaining fruitful relationships with existing customers

When it comes to generating leads, day-to-day duties typically include:

  • Researching organisations and individuals online (especially on social media) to identify new leads and potential new markets
  • Researching the needs of other companies and learning who makes decisions about purchasing
  • Contacting potential clients via email or phone to establish rapport and set up meetings
  • Planning and overseeing new marketing initiatives
  • Attending conferences, meetings, and industry events

When it comes to the challenge of actually selling, other typical duties include:

  • Preparing reports, presentations and sales displays
  • Finding digital platforms to inform clients about new developments in the company’s products
  • Developing quotes and proposals
  • Developing online sales goals for the team and ensuring they are met
  • Training personnel and helping team members develop their skills

My Online Development Executive Skills

  • Socially adept
  • Good with numbers and analytics
  • Able to provide quality leadership to a large team
  • Strong communication and IT fluency
  • Creative talents and the ability to solve tough problems
  • In-depth knowledge of the industry and its current events
  • The ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines
  • Skill in prioritizing and triaging obligations
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent time management and organisation


My team also has expertise in creating a variety of content types including:

º Blogging º Website Content º Video Content º Social Media Content º Web & Graphic Design º Visual Identity º
º Email Marketing º Infographics º Press Releases º White Papers º Case Studies º